Document Folder in Luxurious Lilac Floral

The Supplied by Lily Document Folder in Luxurious Lilac Floral (also available in Luxurious Rose Quartz, Luxurious Amethyst & Luxurious Yashma) will keep all your documents safe & secure. It stores all your documents, notes & important stuff, and is made to fit both A4 or US Letter paper. The beautiful pastel-colored elastic and the inspiring quote on the inside will make sure that you arrive at any meeting, class, or appointment with your files, in style.





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With this document folder, you will definitely be able to keep it together during any tough meeting, class, or lecture. It’s hard to stay organized with the amount of handouts, notes & files you have to hold on to, but this beauty will definitely make that easier. Our personal favorite is to use it for safekeeping your handwritten outlines made in your A4 Notebooks, but you can use the folder for whatever you desire!

With every Supplied by Lily order, you will also be able to join our exclusive private Facebook Group where you can hang out with other #Girlbosses and talk about study, career university, life, and much more!

The Supplied by Lily Document Folder contains:

  • An inspiring quote on the inside
  • Fits both A4 and US Letter papers
  • A pastel-colored elastic to guard your documents
  • Soft-touch back and front cover
  • Cruelty-free, ethically produced for people & nature
  • Designed in Amsterdam, produced in Belgium

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 1 cm


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